Thank you for making fitness fun ..

 Hello! I just wanted to send a quick thank you. My two boys, 7 & 11 just completed the Extreme Fit class through Gilbert Recreation with Coach Kori. When we started the summer my 11 year old did a lot of groaning about his annoyance at having been signed up for this class. Turns out he thoroughly enjoyed it. On the way home from the last class today he thanked me at least three times for signing him up. Kudos to Kori and your program for making fitness fun. Thank you, Julie Ende 

Thank you for a wonderful experience ..

Thank you for a wonderful dance experience! Me and my 2 kids wanted to express our gratitude to you and Coach Miranda for a wonderful season of dance classes! 

Camille Goulding

I wanted to extend my thanks for a great recital today ..

 It was very well done from the red carpet all the way to the end. I know these things are a lot of work and planning and you guys pulled it off wonderfully.  I am signing her up again for the next class.  Thank you again for all your hard work!  Many thanks, John